• Melodrama
  • Hollywood Ghosts
  • London Daze
  • Astropop
  • Oddities
  • 2000 Retro
  • Arachno 2
  • Arachnomania
Melodrama TITLE: Melodrama
PRODUCER: S. Perry and T. Yasui
SONG LIST: CD: Melodrama | Friends Like You | Fear of Flying | Rock and Roll With You | The Way | Dream A Little Dream | Shoot Me Down | Yesterday's Hero | Kicks | Another Lonely Day | Dream Girl | Forever
BONUS DVD (Live at the Key Club): American Baby | Party In Hollywood | Glamour Girls | The Girl Can't Help It | Public Enemy No. 1 | Get Out of Here | Little Willy | Nonstop Rock ALSO: Backstage Interview (Lizzie Grey & Timothy Jay), Slide show with rare photos and bonus audio track
Hollywood GhostsTITLE: Hollywood Ghosts
PRODUCER: L. Perry and T. Yasui
SONG LIST: Ascension, American Baby, Angelyne, Spiders & Snakes, Freeway, Siamese Twins, Bill's Cigar, The Girl Can't Help It, Someday, Just Me, Waiting For Me In LA, Get Outta Here
BONUS FEATURES! 15 Song DVD with music videos, interviews, photo slide show, links and more!
London DazeTITLE: London Daze
PRODUCER: Dino Maddelone
SONG LIST: London Daze; Nonstop Rock; Party In Hollywood; Radio Stars; Dont Know When To Stop; Public Enemy #1; Run, Run, Run; Elvis's TV; Rock & Roll Queen; Dream A Little Dream
AstropopTITLE: Astropop
PRODUCER: Martin McMartin, Mark Anarchy Lee
SONG LIST: Glamour Girls; The Good Times; Nuke The Sun; Rollercoaster Ride; Mello Yellow; LA Jets 97; Cant Buy Love; Siamese Twins
OdditiesTITLE: Oddities: The Glitter Years
PRODUCER: S. Perry & T. Yasui
SONG LIST: The Glitter Years; Air That I Breathe; The Only One; Snakes In Love; 1990s Girl; Wild In The Night; Roxanne (Its Only A Movie); Fields Of Clover; Little Willy; These Are The Good Times
2000 RetroTITLE: 2000 Retro
PRODUCER: Dino Maddelone
SONG LIST: Intro 2000; 2000 Rock & Roll; So Far, So Good; Little Dynamite; Lost For Words; Nuke The Sun; So Alone; Where Are The LA Jets?; Alice In White; High Society; Mello Yellow
Arachno 2TITLE: Arachno 2
PRODUCER: L. Grey/Spiders & Snakes
SONG LIST: Giving Your Life Away; Fear Of Flying; The Way; Nuke The Sun; Lost For Words
ArachnomaniaTITLE: Arachnomania
PRODUCER: L. Grey/Spiders & Snakes
SONG LIST: California Slide; Captain Tripps; The End Of MaryLou; Little Willie; Billion Dollar Babies




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